[box]Elizabeth Elwood’s comedy
Renovations, 2004 [/box]

The trick to ‘renovating’ the set in the play was to design the finished product first, and then figure out ways to disguise it. The pictures below show the way the transformation was done. Cheap valances disguised the final fittings on the doors and windows, and the Act I set was decorated with cheap furniture, wall hangings and pictures. These were changed during the intermission, at which time, tarps were hung all round the walls to represent the chaos of redecorating that was happening during Act II, Scene 1. Then a very speedy change to Act II, Scene 2 simply entailed the crew, in their workmen garb, whipping down the tarps, and ‘hey presto’, the house was transformed to elegance.

act 1
Act I, Scene 1 – tacky valances and furnishings at opening












Act II, Scene 1 – Set draped in tarps and furniture covered with sheets








last scene
Act II, Scene 2 – Renovated at last!